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Cake Flavor- vanilla | chocolate | red velvet | lemon


Choice of Italian or Swiss Buttercream Flavors: vanilla bean | Callebaut chocolate | strawberry | espresso | lemon | salted caramel | cookies n' cream | raspberry | green tea


A second filling can be layered with the buttercream for an additional fee.


Extra Fillings: chocolate ganache | lemon curd* | raspberry preserves | strawberry preserves | blueberry preserves | chocolate cereal crunch | cannoli with mini chocolate chips 


* refrigeration required


Cake flavors must be the same for all tiers in multi-tiered cakes.  Buttercream fillings may be different for each tier.  Custom cakes and flavors are available. Please call to discuss.


Cupcakes  come in 3 different sizes: mini (1-2 bites), standard and Texas Sized.


Cupcakes are frosted with Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream or Swiss Meringue.  The buttercream can be tinted and frosted in different styles. 


Prices start at $20 for mini $35 for standard and $45 for Texas sized. Prices are listed per dozen and the order minimum is 2 dozen minis per flavor and/or 1 dozen standard/Texas size per flavor.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a mixture of cake and buttercream, which are rolled into bite-size balls to resemble a big lollipop. The cake is enrobed in a very thin layer of confectionary coating to form a hard shell, which can be customized to almost any color. 


Cake pops start at $33/dozen (+$6/dozen with ribbon).

There is a 2 dozen minimum order with a 1 dozen minimum per flavor.  Packaging, metallic glitter and fondant appliques will be extra.

Please inquire for options.

Cake flavors: vanilla | chocolate | red velvet | lemon.


Cake pops will be placed upside down in white candy liners. If you would prefer them right-side up or individually wrapped, please indicate this when placing your order.

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